December 17, 2008

Welcome, Friends!

It is the season of the new blog! Having finished my task for my last blog, it is time (I think) to begin a blog devoted to European folklore, faery-tales and relevant mythology, and (of course) traditional witchcraft and sorcery- those topics that I am best known for writing about.

It will take some time and effort to get this blog looking right and running right, but I look forward to filling it with all manner of strange posts on even stranger subject matters, especially posts regarding the persistence of folkloric traditions of supernaturalism and what truths they encode for revelation in the modern day.

I have long believed that the fund of folk-wisdom was more than just "the quaints"- that an uncommon variety of useful wisdom waits to be uncovered in innocuous or odd-looking folktales. After writing about it in many places, this is the next place I needed to start.

The truth is beginning to show its face: folklore has teeth; it contains a treasury of wisdom and many revelations regarding the beliefs of people who lived on our lands before us, including visions of primitive levels of evil- the truth behind the real "evils" that still exist and influence us- and the notion of wholeness. Wholeness, the true folkloric treasure, is the great work of any lifetime, sought after by any thinking person. We may walk the path to the goal, accompanied by many odd characters and opposed by many bizarre adversaries, or we can scratch our heads in wonder at the secrets concealed by history.

I shall take the road less traveled. I hope that you will walk with me.

May we all be well, in day and in dark.



  1. Robin,
    Did you delete your other blog?
    There was so much there that I wanted to get to...


  2. No, Sravana, I've deleted nothing. "Cauldron Born" is still alive and well at

    and "Song of the Old Wanderer" is at

  3. Thanks so much, Robin.
    I eventually found my way to Cauldron born just now, and found a link to your "Mera" website... which is what I was looking for in the first place.

    I quoted you on my blog today, fwiw. You have such a way with words. Some times you scare me half to death, but then there are the other times. :)