June 15, 2009

Trance-Work of the Three Forked Tongues

The Art requires command of extraordinary states of conscious awareness. The head-body complex- that natural state of conscious waking, locked in the head-eye-ear consciousness- is one of three complexes that stand like markers on a road that regresses to totality or wholeness. Three states of conscious awareness concern us here- the common consciousness of the head-body complex; the "feeling consciousness" of the soul which is half-awake in the average man, woman, or child, and the "heart consciousness" of the utter depth, which is dark and hidden in most.

From the perspective of one layer of consciousness, any of those deeper appear to be subtle, irrational, or simply absent or draped in darkness. Thus, from the perspective of the head-body consciousness, the feeling consciousness is wordless and strange, though active in an intuitive manner which grants the conscious person emotional textures, though without a seeming rational pattern or explanation. One merely "feels" a certain way, and sometimes a connection can seem apparent between forces operating in the apparently "objective" world and the feeling; at other times, the feelings simply arise.

From the perspective of the head-body complex, the heart's deep messages are absent. One may speak of "feeling with their heart" or "knowing in their heart", but this is poetic license to describe a decision or way of believing that is in line with no other evidence beyond a deeply held intuition. In this sense, the heart-consciousness may in fact be manifesting something to the feeling consciousness, which is struggling to do its best to transmit that message, and being interpreted in various ways by the most coarse, everyday consciousness, beset as it is with years of rationalizing and perilous, linear "educational" perspectives that have been forced upon it. The explanation that emerges for the entire chain of experience is normally a sad explanation, indeed, as is any explanation of the ultimate "meaning" of the entire experience.

A sublime trance and wisdom-gate exists for the opening in any man or woman who can regress from the head-body complex to the feeling region of the chest, and beyond that, into the boundless deep of the heart-field: a field whose very infinitesimal edge seems to touch the physical organ of the heart in the middle-body, and then extends far beyond the body, reaching out to touch all the invisible.

The process is as simple as it is powerful, and it draws on the tongue of the serpent, and can be increased threefold in strength if the rattle of his tail is used.

Fill a hollow gourd with some pebbles, and, if possible, the vertebrae of a serpent, dried well. Do not kill a serpent to attain them; you must find it deceased already. Seal the gourd and form from it a rattle. Any rattle constructed by you, from any simple material will do. This rattle is not needed for this work, but it increases its strength.

To begin, situate yourself calmly and in a lonely, quiet place. Quietly enter into the full use of your eyes, ears, and senses- the portals of the head-body consciousness. Let yourself fully enter into whatever you are hearing and seeing and feeling on your skin. Spit once and take a deep breath, and assay the serpent's hiss, by releasing the breath slowly and steadily through your teeth, making a faint whistling noise. As you do this, shake the rattle, if you are utilizing one, as though it were the warning-rattle of a serpent about to strike. Shake it sparingly, rapidly, suddenly, alarmingly- but never too much. As you are making this serpentine music, do not neglect the fact that your ears are hearing it, and immerse yourself in the sound fully. If your eyes remain open, immerse yourself in whatever you see. Be as present as you can be with the gifts of your head and body senses.

When the breath runs out, fall silent. If you feel that you have "entered into" your coarse experiences fully, then proceed. If not, undergo another cycle. There is nothing you need do except be fully present with what already effortlessly presents itself.

When you are ready to go one level deeper, bring your mind's focus to your chest, the place where you feel- the chest, and further down, the stomach. In both of these places you feel the swelling of pride, of joy, the gut-wrench of sorrow or hurt, the burn of panic, of humiliation. The chest primarily, and the stomach secondarily, are the houses of the feeling-sense consciousness.

You may give yourself leave now to withdraw from the eyes and ears and focus on the chest and stomach- and as you begin another long hiss, and perhaps rattle, now enter totally into whatever you happen to be feeling.

The final cycle of regression on the back of the sound of the hiss and rattle is from the feeling consciousness-realm to the heart-reality. Just as you gave yourself leave to regress a bit from the eyes and ears to the feeling region, now give a similar leave to sink below the place of feeling, to the purity and aerial-seeming freedom of the heart: an immense space that has no boundaries, somewhere indeterminately "deeper" in you and then beyond you. A hiss and the rattle may flow you deep into it, as well. Release yourself to it.

In that third space, greater than all, you have arrived at a subtle but clear space that is your own interweaving point with every other spiritual power. It is through this strange void that the messages from the boundless approach and begin to move through our three levels, to arrive in the coarse mind quite disfigured by the common man and woman's conscious and unconscious preconcieved notions. It is through this deathless void that spirits swim and dwell, and through this place that they may speak to us, and we to them- with the language of the same void, which is something more essential than feeling. It is, in essence, a wordless communication, a "suddenly knowing all that the spirit was intending to communicate", while "suddenly expressing all that you intended to express back, without words or thoughts, all at once."

This void is the very veil of Fate, the closest approximation that our humanity can create with our minds to the incomprehensible and non-corporeal reality of the grand mystery: a dazzling and sable midnight though without darkness, stretching without effort to all times and places and powers, silent and clear, free and vibrant, darksome and mind-withering, timeless and deathless. It would seem to be what so many people half-sense and call "God".

Our experience of the heart-space is our own personal window into the weird-world of the intangible, that well of potencies that has no bottom or boundaries. It is the source of dreams, though how we experience dreams is skewed and transformed from their original luminous nature, into objects, thoughts, and images that we impute reality and meaning to.

The most cunning will discover that they feel a certain different manner when resting in the third space; most will discover that resting in it for very long is difficult. As one drifts in and out of touch with it's subtle mystery, one may "bring themselves back down" by walking through the three regions quickly: re-immerse oneself in the eye and ear, then the feeling, and then back down and within to the silent, expansive space of heart. One must bend the will to it, but never too hard. To sink within, to the weird-space that borders both the heart and every other reality, is neither easy nor difficult.

When in contact with the heart-consciousness, with the weird-space, one may speak invocations with the mouth, and "feel" their impact rippling out into the unseen and filling up the world around them. Of course, one will hear with the ears, and feel with the chest and belly, and interpret the feelings with the common mind; but some third thing- some deeper aspect of the human man or woman- will know the difference, as a partial experience of the heart-field will echo into the person with a strange "contact" that cannot truly be explained well.

However, the cunning witch or sorcerer will know that they are "there": having an experience that is part place and part placeless; they will know “in their hearts” that they have made this regression and contact, and their feelings and even their outer senses may shift and verify this, in various ways.

One may also speak invocations in the manner of the "ghost language"- speak them with the mouth, but then "regress" them to the chest and belly, "saying" them only with feelings, before regressing them a final time, allowing them to be communicated into the great void-space without words or feelings; merely willing that the essence of the invocation be manifested all at once, fully, perfectly, in the great "totality". The feeling consciousness will report when this has occurred- One will feel, in a wordless way, that the invocatory message has "filled up the seen and the unseen"- the message itself becoming as large as the universe, its essence becoming one with all things. The most powerful invocations are done in this manner.

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