June 26, 2011

A New Season of True Bleeding

Ah yes... the new season of True Blood begins tonight. Is there a seer out there who can tame the powers needed to tell me if they'll be able to recover from their miserable third season?

Even ratcheting up the sex and violence- which they did nicely in season 3- couldn't spare them from lame story lines, needless character assassinations, and more insufferable Anna Paquin as Sookie. I'm certain that Madame Paquin is a gifted actress well suited for other roles, but I've always felt that her casting as Sookie was a mistake on the part of the casting team.

The added touch of the Wiccan who showed up at the end of season 3 and performed the worst pennyroyal tea administration ever seen was just the new-age icing on the cake: and she had to have been the most realistic depiction of a Wiccan yet seen on television. (Her invocation of the "Goddess" was majestic- up to and including her "Okay, she's here!" announcement after glancing up into the air above her circle.)

I think I speak for everyone when I say: Eric, grow the long hair back and stop getting skinnier... Pam, please get your lesbian on more... Jessica, please get more camera time and less clothing on... Lafayette, you are awesome and you need to become the main character, not whiny annoying Sookie. And if your brujo boyfriend has any power, make sure you learn from him. And Sam: please stop being a douche and turning out to be a killer with a bad temper. We know you're really a nice guy, no matter how much the writers want to add a ridiculous "dark" dimension to your character which is totally unnecessary.

The Second season was probably the best, so long as you could ignore the shameless and inaccurate equating of Dionysos with Satan. Beyond that, superb. Good and realistic characterization of fundy Christians. Good show, really. I hope it gets good again.

Being from South Louisiana, it is impossible for me to avoid watching- and critiquing- a show like True Blood. I'd watch it just for the artful opening sequence, if nothing else, which captures the delirium of my homeland quite well. I have always watched the show hoping for a more "in the right spirit" depiction of southern occultism, but always been dissatisfied. Naturally, it being television, I never expected an overly accurate depiction. But as an occultist, it is my duty to examine all angles of popular culture for traces of the Old Sorceries and Old Practices when they arise, for arise they do, in surprising ways.

True Blood as a whole is, in my opinion, a good show. I like the blend of grit and humor and sex and the supernatural- and I've always loved Vampires and shape-changing things. Perhaps it is the distant blood of the Balkans in me; whatever the case may be, the swamps of Louisiana are a good place for sweltering mysticism and blood drinking, even today: if the mosquitoes don't get you, creepy rednecks or black worshipers of snake gods will- or maybe just teams of idiot libertarians who are all in denial about being republicans.

Sadly, the fictional town of "Bon Temps" is set in North Louisiana, not south, where it properly belongs. There are no Cajun-seeming enclaves of Spanish moss and good old fashioned southern hospitality between Monroe and Ruston. Charlaine Harris is certainly using her imagination big time there- trust me, as someone sentenced by Fate to spend a lot of time in Monroe, you would be more likely to find redneck, Budweiser-swilling werewolves, actual vampires, and cheesy dancy fairies in North Louisiana, than you would a town like Bon Temps.

All is well. All is as it should be. Join me in watching the beginning of Season 4 tonight, as we go into our new season which (from what I understand) will have "real" witches as the main bad guys- and dark powers preserve us, Harry Potter's aunt from the HP movies plays the lead witch. Aunt Petunia's gone to the dark side! I hope she can overcome the Petunia thing, to give us a good villainess.

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  1. I am also from Louisiana, southern LA actually and I do have to admit the south would be a better setting. HOWEVER this is T.V. and therefore it's not going to be accurate and they could have fucked it up so much worse!! WE'll live. Honestly I'm quite happy they set it in LA b/c now we can claim it ;) lol

    As for Ann Paquin. Don't hate on her! This is how the director and producer are forcing her to portray Sookie. I know this because I read the books. and Sookie is not anything like this in the books! She is not prudish or all "don't take the lord's name in vain" or "oh fudge" no Sookie curses and says Fuck in the books. She's still sweet and loveable, but not all well weird. lol

    So that's my soapbox speech for the day otherwise I agree with you! You should really read the books I think you'd enjoy them more than the show, the witches are also portrayed much better. Not completely accurate but better.