August 26, 2011

A Provenance Charm Forbidding Nightmares

This work is Lunar in nature, bolstered by the Saturnian sub-current. On a night of the moon's greatest majesty, toast the Mare-Queen of Night with a Red Meal boasting wine that has been adulterated with a philtre of moon-infused well or spring water, a pinch of dried peppers, and a decoction of mugwort. Have on hand three small measures of dried or fresh mugwort, verbena, and rue, and a black cord or string, and a piece of black or red linen to bind them up in. The charm follows.

* * *

The Son of Light grasps the key
That lays open every portal that can be;
From She Whom All Fear has the Master won it;
So in his celebrated name I pray:

Let the portal to the dark unseen be open
To the door of night and dream-
Keep that way open for me until I return safely.
Good Master and Lord of Spirits,
Open that way for me.

In your revealing name I call to the below,
To those powers that run like horses in night:
To the realm most deep, provenance of life,
With the good favors of Aquilo,
Of Septentrio and Cautus I make this conjury,
And with the notice of their good grooms-
You, Supernas, you, Boreas,
And Thrascias, and Gallicus,
You Circius, and Cotus also,
And all of the winds of the Valley of the Nadir:
Chasm of the Hag and her Groomsman Death.

These powers I name and gather to me,
With the knowledge that they hear all-
Say the weirds of the dark winds, "we hear thee."

Winds of spirit, carry my words to the Mistress of Dreams,
The Great Mare of Night herself,
The White Horse, terror of the living and the dead.
I plead and petition Her most wretchedly,
To forbid her servants from tormenting ____
With their nightly rades and terrible visions.

And you wicked powers, wild and unjust,
Who in delight may torment _____
In the same manner, and in the lonely night,
In the name of She before whom all Daimons tremble,
I sternly forbid you entry to the mind and soul of ____
The green and dark pastures of his/her mind
Must remain untrampled by you,
For as long as the pleasure of the Queen may be.

In the name of the Mugwort-wight,
The weird of the moon,
In the name of stormy weird Verbena,
And the wierd of Rue,
And in the name of She who is greater
Than all who course in the Unseen,
I tie up this charm and secure its power,
The power to forbid nightmare and night terror:
May its potency endure for moons ten and three,
Or till the coming of the day.

Such are my words,
Such as these are the Master's words,
And this the consummation of my spell.

* * *


  1. Lovely, I could have used this yesterday night.

  2. Thank you for this, was really helpful!