March 19, 2012

Robin Artisson on Facebook

Yeah, so the world finally caught up with me. I created a Facebook page for Robin Artisson, and people are pouring in today- get in on the ground floor! It'll be updated quite often, though I'll still use this blog for essays, poetry, and other substantial writings and announcements. Actually, I'll be doing some projects for this blog coming up soon- quite the herd of posts can be expected in the coming months. But Facebook, corporate evil though it is, happens to be easy and accessible, and will help us all to keep in touch.

As I said, this blog is still very important to me and my work online, and will only get better from here on out. I also plan on updating my various websites soon- beginning today. I decided to go with an art overhaul, link-rearrangement, and even new material.

So, I hope to see you all at Facebook! All friend requests are accepted, and anyone can subscribe or join the friends and discussion.

March 18, 2012

The Secret of the Wind

New Book Announcement!

I am bringing together the needed materials to add to what I have already written on this manuscript. I will soon talk to my illustrator- my favorite folk-artist, Papa Toad Bone/Gar Freeman, and begin giving him the information he needs to make the various images I will require for this work. I know that his very enchanted artwork will be probably more than half the reason any of you get this book, and rightly so. But the book will be good, too- very good. I project that I will be able to offer Peter the manuscript at the beginning of June, or whenever the art is done. But there's no hurry. I'd wait a year or more for the art, without complaining, because art, I feel, is the key to a great book of this kind. This should be enough to whet your appetites.

* * *

The Secret of the Wind: Traditional Witchcraft's Hidden Meaning, Purpose, and Practice by Robin Artisson

"The Secret of the Wind" is Robin Artisson's most ambitious work to date. Bringing together 18 years worth of research, occult practice, travels, and experiences born in the Unseen, this lengthy tome clarifies and resolves the lines of inquiry that began in his earlier works, and brings an end to the long debates regarding the origin and the nature of historical and actual Witchcraft.

This exhaustive tome chronicles and reveals the ancient and underlying metaphysics that emerge from folklore and history regarding the ultimate reality and nature of the soul, and the extraordinary experiences of which the soul can render human beings capable of having, as well as the truth behind the nigh-universal spiritual ecology which informs folktale, traditional sorcery, and myth alike, providing a master key for understanding messages from the distant and Ancestral past. Calling upon the works of modern day deep ecologists and scholars of the occult histories of Europe and America, this book strikes at the heart of the core truths about ourselves, and the seen and unseen worlds that have become hidden behind layers of (largely intentional) obfuscation.

"The Secret Wind" delves into the shape-shifting realities of non-human persons, chiefly focusing on the "Great Indwellers" or great spiritual beings that secretly stand behind the legends of "Gods" and "Goddesses" from Pagan times, and the later figures that dance through folklore, folktales and witching legends alike, and how they exist this very day- and maintain ongoing relationships with human beings.

This grimoire includes three of Robin's most important occult foundational works, as well as exhaustive commentary, aiding the reader in gaining the timeless messages that emerge from them and orienting the reader towards unlocking the potential of sorcerous transformation in the mind and soul: "The Witch Wind Treatise", a full-length discussion on Soul-Flight and practical instructions on Traditional sorcerous practice; "The Cavalcade", a deeply layered and channeled message from the Unseen world, which serves as a revelation of initiatory power, and a study of the nature of the hidden dimensions of our shared reality itself, and the "Great Working of the Grand Sigillary", a many-times tested and proven system of working for creating and manifesting willed sorcerous outcomes.

This tome also contains the long-awaited revelation of the "Provenance Tradition", the hidden tradition that offers both an explanation for the strange intricacies of the human condition, and the secret purpose of human life, encoded by the nameless and long-dead founders of Eurasian oral traditions and still embedded in the popular stories found in collections of faery-tales and folktales of Europe.

"The Secret of the Wind" is a veritable treasury of strange wisdom and a primer on sorcerous consciousness, mingled with countless other valuable insights and treasures that will offer much of value to anyone looking to deepen their rapport with the Unseen world, those looking to engage the way of Traditional Witchcraft, or anyone seeking to consider alternative perspectives on the mysteries of human existence.