March 19, 2012

Robin Artisson on Facebook

Yeah, so the world finally caught up with me. I created a Facebook page for Robin Artisson, and people are pouring in today- get in on the ground floor! It'll be updated quite often, though I'll still use this blog for essays, poetry, and other substantial writings and announcements. Actually, I'll be doing some projects for this blog coming up soon- quite the herd of posts can be expected in the coming months. But Facebook, corporate evil though it is, happens to be easy and accessible, and will help us all to keep in touch.

As I said, this blog is still very important to me and my work online, and will only get better from here on out. I also plan on updating my various websites soon- beginning today. I decided to go with an art overhaul, link-rearrangement, and even new material.

So, I hope to see you all at Facebook! All friend requests are accepted, and anyone can subscribe or join the friends and discussion.


  1. hi yes i have seen you over at facebook. Good to see your still writing here too(-: Much enjoy reading your blog

  2. Nice to see on facebook, i'll be adding you soon!